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Recommended Stanozolol Cycles

An increased potential for risks exists whenever any steroid is taken for an extended period of time. Steroid cycles allow you to maximize the benefits and decrease the risk. Stanozolol cycles are different for men and women, and are typically designed with your fitness goals in mind.

What are Stanozolol Cycles?

Stanozolol cycles consists of an “on” period in which the steroid is taken every day or every other day, followed by an “off” period when no steroids whatsoever are taken. A cycle’s on and off periods are around the same period of time in length, and are different for beginning and advanced users. In the beginning, men may need to take Stanozolol for only around eight to ten weeks, but can gradually build up to cycles that are as long as 16 weeks. Women should generally keep their cycles between four and six weeks in length regardless of whether they are beginning or advanced users.

Dangers from not Cycling Off

Taking Stanozolol longer than the recommended timeframe will not increase your results, and can in fact cause some serious side effects. Women run an increased risk of virilization, which is the development of male traits. Changes such as the deepening of the voice and increased body hair may become permanent, and menstrual cycles may stop altogether.

Men who do not cycle off may experience:

  • Low sperm count
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Impotence

Both sexes may notice:

  • More frequent muscular injuries
  • Bone loss
  • Hepatoxicity (liver poisoning)
  • Changes in cholesterol levels


There are a few things you should keep in mind when planning a cycle:

  • Once Stanozolol cycles are over with, you will notice a mild reduction in gain. This is normal, and nothing to be concerned with. So long as you continue to exercise regularly, the amount of muscle mass you lose should barely be noticeable.
  • Your biggest gains are likely to come near the end of your cycle. This is important information to know when planning your cycles, as it allows you to begin taking Stanozolol at the right time in order to maximize your athletic performance or achieve the look you want for a special occasion.
  • Your body may react differently to Stanozolol during each subsequent cycle. If you notice any unusual reactions, or do not achieve the results you desire, stop taking this steroid and consult with a medical professional.
  • Certain medications and herbal supplements can interact negatively with Stanozolol. If you begin taking new substances, be sure to discuss their possible side effects with your doctor.
  • Never add stacks to your cycle until you have tried each substance separately and are sure you can tolerate it well.

Before taking Stanozolol for the first time, plan how and when you will take this steroid during your cycle. The best results come when you take consistent doses throughout your cycle, which is why it is important to administer Stanozolol at around the same time every day. With careful planning, you are more likely to notice results sooner.

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